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Read all about her. On this page I'll describe Miss Manny, her personality, and everything she's been through.

Manuella Santos, more commonly known as Manny, started out at Degrassi Community School in seventh grade, along with her best friend, Emma. Emma had almost fallen prey to an internet stalker a few days before (Mother and Child Reunion), and they were both pretty overwhelmed by that. Manny quickly became known as the cutie and the sweetie of Degrassi CS. She dealt with eighth grade hazing by fake-crying (Family Politics) and made the cheerleading squad, (Wannabe) all flippy and smiley. Manny came from strict, old-school parents but she didn't disappoint them, usually following the rules. The next year, she started eighth grade with Emma again, still best friends. Manny hadn't matured much, still happy and smiley with her pigtail image. She was still on the spirit squad as well. Everybody loved Manny! When she and Emma saw the new guy at school, Craig Manning, they both fell blind to big crushes (When Doves Cry). After studying him, they figured that he probably liked Emma, and while Manny still liked him, their main goal was to get him with Emma. Manny and Emma crashed a dance in hopes of making it happen (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun). Then Craig asked Manny to dance. After a little drama that wasn't too awful, Emma accepted it. After a bit of eyeing each other in the halls with sweet smiles, Manny blurted out, "Craig, I like you." Soon after, they went on a date (Take My Breath Away). But Manny was too babyish for him in the end, causing major drama for her. Then Manny entered the ninth grade. She seemed to be over Craig, and she liked this guy named Sully. But Sully seemed to only like tramps. That's when Manny decided it was time for a change (U Got the Look). Everyone's always going to remember remember her quote, "I don't want to be adorable. Bunnies and puppies are adorable... I want to be hot. Not cute, not adorable. Hot." After a few tube tops, thongs, and cute hats, Manny snagged Sully's heart, as well as the hearts of half the Degrassi CS population. Of course, since Sully only liked sluts, you can imagine what he liked them for, and instead of sincere kisses, Sully took up ass-slapping. So one night, Manny went to a party (Should I Stay Or Should I Go?). And then she saw Craig running out of the room after talking to his girlfriend, Ashley. She followed him. "Craig, what happened?" she asked sympathetically. It turned out Craig had gotten in a fight with his girlfriend for one reason or the other. So Manny asked to hear the song he wrote for Ashley, and they went to his room. As he started to play the opening chords, but Manny stopped him, saying that if Ashley didn't see how great he was, she didn't deserve him. Then, well, they had sex. And Manny left a bunch of happy girly phone messages for him all weekend. Then Ashley and Craig made up right in front of her face. A few weeks later, Manny went up to Craig and invited him to a rave (Against All Odds). "No strings", she said. He showed up, and then she danced really close to him. "I have a girlfriend!" he said. "It's okay..." she replied, "I can keep a secret." Then they started making out. Craig was officially cheating on Ashley. Emma, by the way, was disgusted with Manny by this point, so she said she didn't want to be friends with her anymore. Then at Christmastime, Manny asked Craig to dump Ashley (Holiday). (The plot thickens! Teehee.) He didn't, and Manny got mad. But then he told her that she was the one for him, and that he would dump his girlfriend. But of course, when Ashley gave him a shiny new guitar, he didn't. In the end, both girls found out and dumped him. But a little while later, Manny discovered she was pregnant (Accidents Will Happen), and she and Craig briefly got back together. Then Manny told her mom that she was pregnant, and (remember how old-school she is) she took it surprisingly well. When Manny decided that she just couldn't handle it, she had an abortion, but not before Ashley announced to the entire cafeteria that she was pregnant, casting her as the school slut for life. Nowadays, Manny is seen as that school tramp, even though she only had sex once. When people say things about her, she just walks away. She's starting to notice her friend JT a little more, and thankfully he doesn't harass her like everyone else does.

The Lovely Miss Manuella Santos