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"Accidents Will Happen" is a season 3 episode of Degrassi that the U.S. network The N has decided not to air. What happens is that Manny Santos gets pregnant and has an abortion. Most U.S. Degrassi fans are enraged that they don't get to see the episode. There's a petition going, and if you feel as strongly as most of us, you are encouraged to sign it.
The petition is at the following link:
It can also be found at my Manny and Degrassi Links.
But while we're waiting for "Accidents Will Happen" to air, console yourself with some recaps. By far the best I've found came from, which I'll post here for your reading convenience (but by the way, degrassirealm is an amazing web site, which I highly recommend)!


from degrassirealm

Manny's practicing for for gymnastics with everyone in the gym. Suddenly Kendra runs out of the gym, sick to her stomach. It turns out there's a stomach bug/flu going around and Mrs. H, as they all call their coach, tells them to stop breathing, because she can't afford to lose another gymnast to this bug! So they continue to practice, and it's now Manny's turn to get pictures taken by.... you guessed it! None other then our very own adorable curly-haired Craig Manning. Manny does a splits pose, and looks off in the other direction, still angry with him.



Craig: (looking up from the character, and checking Manny out nervously) "It's for the yearbook."

Manny just glares at him icily.

Craig: "Don't you want to smile?"

Manny: "Looking at you doesn't exactly make me want to smile."

Craig sighs, and takes the picture silently and sadly.


 Degrassi opener comes on...


 Cut to the school halls. You see Paige and Hazel, the school gossips whispering, and glancing over at Manny, who's getting books from her locker.  Manny notices this and looks insecure.  Just then, Ashley and Ellie walk by. . .   




Ashley: "Hey Ellie, do you smell something?"

Ellie: "I think it's the peculiar smell of a boyfriend thief."

(Ashley snickers as they continue down the hall.)


 Manny hears this, and runs down the hall after them.

"Wait!" she yells. "I don't want Craig! He's...." (trails off)


 Just then Paige comes up behind Manny. She makes it her own personal duty to inform Manny that everyone's talking about Manny's greatness at gymnastics. Manny lights up with delight. Almost as much.. she continues.. as Manny's personal life. This makes Manny upset. Leave it up to Paige to let someone down like that.

Paige then gives Manny personal advice.. that she should do damage control.

Then with the Paige-signature touch of class, informs Manny that she looks a little pale, and she should do something about it, because it's not attractive.


With that Paige exits.


Jimmy asks JT if he's in for the trip to see a rap DJ in this concert thing that him and a bunch of his friends are driving to. JT says sure, and then Toby comes along trying to be cool, hence making an absolute fool of himself. He tries to give Jimmy a high five (*cough dork cough*) and calls Jimmy 'Jimmers'. Laughable really. Jimmy disses Toby and then leaves. Toby wonders why he's not being included. They used to be such great friends! He insists to JT. JT suggests with a smirk that maybe it's because Toby's step sister dumped Jimmy. That leaves Toby to ponder.


Cut to Manny walking down the hall. She sees Ashley in a computer lab class, and since class hasn't started yet, goes in to try and talk to her. Ashley completely blows her off and tries to leave but Manny tells her to wait, and tries to explain herself. She says that she's sorry, and that she thought that she was Craig's match, and he told her that he would break it with her right away, but he didn't. He hurt me too, Manny says.


Ashley tells her that she's going to be late for class. Manny then leaves.


Cut to Miss Kwan's class where they're reading out loud some novel. Manny raises her hand and asks to be excused cause she feels sick. Ms. Kwan tells her that she shouldn't come to school if she's ill, and that she's sick of everyone having a flu bug.


Manny runs out of the room about to throw up, and Emma looks confused and worried. They show Manny throwing up in the toilet.


Jimmy is telling Hazel that he's not getting good enough marks in math, and if his dad sees them, he'll probably make Jimmy cancel the concert trip. Toby comes in with a cool; "Yo dawg, whats up?". And Jimmy disses him yet again. Oh the pain.


Toby makes a deal with Jimmy that he'll change his math mark on the school computer if he can go to the concert. Jimmy agrees.

Cut to Emma and Manny stretching for Gymnastics. Emma asks what's wrong with Manny, because she's been noticing her sickness. Manny gets defensive and walks away. Emma follows her and says that the coach doesn't want any more sick people, and that Manny should tell the coach. Manny insists that she's fine and that it's just nerves. She tells Emma that she wants to go and do well at this meet so badly.


The coach gets Manny to go up on the balance beam, and Manny does a good job.


Manny and Emma walk into the dressing room, talking. Emma tells Manny that she did a really good job. "See, I told you I'm fine." Manny says with a smirk. The two girls start to become friendly, Emma praising Manny in gymnastics, and Manny telling Emma how strong she's being to come to school when Mr. Simpson is even worse, and is now in the hospital. Just then, Hazel comes in looking for a tampon. Manny tells her that she has one, as she hasn't her period in a long while now. Emma looks concerned, but Manny insists it's because she's been training hard. Emma says that she knows its not her business, but with Manny being sick, and now this, that it might be something else.. something more serious *ahem* Manny says; "Your right. It's none of your business." and then storms out.


She goes out side, and sits on a concrete bench beside the school frantically looking through her callender schedule. She checks it, and finds out by counting.. that she hasn't had her period for 9 weeks.


Cut to the next day, Craig is playing hackey sack with Spinner outside. He catches Manny watching him all sadly. He looks like he wants to go up to her, but she quickly leaves ducking inside. She goes into the girls washroom, finding Paige there.


She tries to talk to Paige, but ignorant as always, Paige thinks that Manny has run out of toilet paper, and hands her a wad. Manny tries some more, and finally asks if you can tell or know if a guy wore a condom or not. Paige comes out of the bathroom, and seeing if Manny is serious says that it's pretty obvious. Did she see it? Did she feel it? Manny says she doesn't think so. Paige says that it's Craig, and he's the semi-responsible type, so Manny shouldn't worry too much, but that she should ask him anyways.




Paige: "And hun, remember this next time. Ask questions first. Get naked later."


Thanks Dr. Paige.


Toby gets JT to help him in the library. He's trying to change Jimmy's grade, and gets JT to plug in a wire to the teachers plug. JT doesnt want to, but helps anyways.


JT hacks through and is almost there, when Mrs. Kwan sees them and comes over to see whats up. Toby accidentily hits the 7 button 2 times too many. Instead of Jimmy's mark being 77, its 7777! Since the teacher's here, JT pulls the plug just in the nick of time, but preventing Toby from changing it. The teacher makes them move, but still doesn't know what they were up to.


It's the gymnastics meet and Manny's feeling the pressure. The coach comes up to her and asks if she's okay, and that she looks frazzled. Manny says it's just nerves, and that she'll be fine. She spots her mom in the audience who waves to Manny and smiles proudly. Now it's her turn. Manny gets up, and looks stressed and shaky. Craig is there, taking pictures for the yearbook or whatever, and she looks even more stressed that he's there.. and watching her. Manny loses grip and falls. Several people, including Craig dart for her. She's disqualified though, and upset, runs out of the gym and into the loby.


Craig runs after her...




Craig: (with concern) "You okay?"

Manny: "No."

Craig: "It's not that horrible."

Manny: (gets up and starts to pace) "When we... [pause] did you use a condom?"

Craig: (shocked) "WHAT?!"

Manny: "I'm sorry.. It's just.."

Craig: "Ummm Manny. I thought you said it was okay.. and that it meant that you..know..? [pause] You were on the pill..."

Manny: (smiling, but about to cry. Voice full of emotion) "It was my first time. It meant that it was okay......"

Craig: (Craig starts to panic) " something wrong?!?!"

Manny: (insistant) "No. It's not. (dazed) It can't be."

Craig: (Panicing even more, getting sort of irrational and grinning and laughing during most of this.. probably out of nervousness) "Well which is it??....nothing's wrong or nothing can be wrong...? because... your not making sense."

Manny: "No." (smiles) "Nothing's wrong.. it's okay."

Craig: "Ok....well....see you."


(Craig leaves)


Cut to Toby and Jimmy.


Toby tells Jimmy that he accidentily messed up and gave him a 7777 percent.


Jimmy gets pissed off and makes Toby go into the teachers computer lab, and sort it out. Reluctantly, and forced by Jimmy, Toby does.


Toby logs in as the principal. Just then, the real principal comes along and spots Toby. He has a smile on though. He asks Toby if he can help him with something on his computer. Since Mr. Simpson is gone, Toby could help him. Toby tries to get the principal to go back to his office to help, but it's too late. The principal comes and sees Toby logged in as him.


Later Jimmy comes into the principal's office. Toby's there too. They get in trouble and sentenced to a phone call home and Saturday school. It turns out Toby ratted Jimmy out. Toby tries to say that he had no choice and that he was scared but Jimmy's mad. He says that now he cant go to the concert and calls Toby fake

Manny goes jogging after school with her headphones. As she runs song lyrics play that relate to her and Craig's relationship. They talk about how she thought she loved him, and that now she hates him etc etc.


She stops exhausted, and getting stomach cramps. Freaked out, Manny runs over to Spike who just returned home with the baby. Manny tells Spike that she needs her help, and announces that she thinks she's pregnant.


Cut to the inside of the house. Manny just took a pregnancy test, and placed it on the dresser alongside a timer and sets it. She sits down and begins to talk with Spike.




Spike: "Have you thought about what you might do if..." (trails off)

Manny: "I can't. It's too much."

Spike: "I could always go with you, to talk to your parents."

Manny: "No.. I couldn't tell them."

Spike: "My mom surprised me. She was incredibly supportive."

Manny: "My mom would kill me. Or send me to live in some convent in the Phillipines."

Spike: "No she wouldn't."

Manny: "Really? 'Cause that's what they did to my cousin."


 Just then the bell rings. It's time to check. Manny checks and the stick is red. She's pregnant. She starts to cry.


The next morning Manny is waiting for Craig by the bicycle rack.

He comes up behind her.




Craig: "I got your message. Sorry I'm late."

(Manny's silent, and still turned away)

Craig: "I can't stay long.." he continues. "I've got this bio lab."

Manny: (turns around slowly) "Something happened..."

(She gets up and walks over to a cement bench close to the school where she sits down.)

Craig: "What? What's wrong?"

(he continues standing.)

Manny: "I have a doctor's appointment to make sure. But I took this test... and (starts to tear up) I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant."

(Craig sits down beside her, quietly and dazed.)

Manny: (voice breaking with tears) "Oh god... I know your mad and I'm sorry... I'm sorry." (she starts to cry)

Craig: (dazzedly) "It's okay. I started to think about it. (a slow smile begins to creep up on his face) You know after you asked me that question the other day. And what if we had it? (smiles and laughs) We could be a little family... all our own Manny." he sighs, still grinning happily.


Manny just looks off into the distance, sad and confused.

Craig walks into the school with his arm around Manny's shoulders, both of them beaming.




Craig: "So what do you think it is?"

Manny: "I don't know."

Craig: "I hope it's a girl. Angie's always wanted a sister."

Manny: "I think she'd be the baby's aunt."

Craig: "Seven?... thats so weird."


They bump into Ellie in the halls who yells "Watch out!" and keeps going. Craig apologizes, and him and Manny keep going. They kiss before the doors to a hallway. "Have fun in Science." he says, smiling at her. This happens while Ellie and Paige watch, with shocked expressions on their faces from the staircase.


Paige goes up to Manny and asks if everything was fine with the whole condom thing. "No.. well..sort of." Manny says, going off towards class. Paige reminds her of cheer practice after school, and Manny says she can't make it.. and wont be able to ever make it.

She then walks away.

Paige heads for her homeroom class. Ellie's whispering something into Ashley's ear.

"How could he do that?" she asked, her eyes filling up with tears. Ash marches over to Paige. She tells Paige that Manny and Craig are back together, and Paige feels that she is in need to tell her that them getting back together isn't all.. that Manny's also pregnant! With a Paige-signature smirk of course. Ashley stares out into space with amazement and sadness.


The grade 9 English class is in session, with JT, Liberty and Ssean in it. The teacher announces a project and Liberty asks if they have to work in pairs. The teacher insists that they do, but he gets to choose the partners. "Liberty is with..." the teacher starts with.

JT is shown muttering under his breath about how he hopes it's not him.

"....Sean Cameron." Sean mutters his dislike for being with a brownnoser, not too loud for the teacher to hear, but just loud enough to reach the ears of liberty beside him.

She says the same back, that she doesn't want to be with some 'hells angel in training' slacker.


Cut to the cafeteria. Craig comes in carrying a carton of milk for Manny. She claims that she already had a carton of milk, but Craig insists that she has another. He then pulls out a book of babynames. "Look what I found." he says with a smile. "Pick a name.. don't look." he opens the book to a random page, holding it out to her. Manny closes her eyes, and points to a random name on a page. She looks at it and with a smirk remarks; "Mmm.. no. Anyone who's named Maude will pick their nose and eat glue." Just then the wicked witch of the east aka Ashley turns up and ees the baby-name book they're holding.




Ashley: "What's this? So you need a name?"

She looks out to the cafeteria.

Ashley: "HEY!" she yells. "EVERYBODY! These two have an announcement to make. Guys? (akward pause) Guys?" (Manny and Craig look at each other, panicked)

Ashley smiles her fake-happy grin. "Aww they're too modest. So I'll help spread the joy. These two idiots are pregnant." (Gasps and moans come from all over.. Craig covers his mouth with shock)

"That's right, because it's way too difficult to use a condom." Ash smirked.

Manny gets up and runs out of the cafeteria. Craig stares angrily at Ashley who says,

"I can't believe you slept with her." and then walks off in a huff.


Manny's now in the bathroom stall crying. Paige and Terri come in to reapply lip gloss. Terri remarks about how much she loves babies, and how Manny's so lucky to get to have one.

Paige exclaims that she shouldn't joke! Then Paige goes into a tyrant on how she likes Manny, but this is the most looserish thing ever. Now Manny's not going to get any pool parties and other boys! She'll have to stay home! And besides, she'll probably even ruin her figure.

They then leave, and Emma comes in, looking for Manny.

She finds Manny in a stall, and knocks. Manny opens up, and stands in tears.

Emma asks Manny why she didn't come talk to her. Manny says that Emma didn't seem to care about what happened with her and Craig.

Emma comforts Manny and offers for Manny and Craig to come over afterschool when she's babysitting Jack. Manny accepts, and Emma leaves.


JT is outside and wipes out on his skateboard. Liberty, who was watching his moves comes to his rescue, and runs to help him up. She then says a few lame jokes, and makes an attempt to get JT to go out with her. She asks him to a film festival. JT obviously decides he's had enough, and tells Liberty he's had enough of her crush and disses her harshly. Then he leaves, leaving Liberty crushed.


Manny and Craig are looking at Jack at Emma's house.

"He's so gorgeous." Craig comments with a soft smile. "Hey?"

"Yeah." Manny agrees grinning. "He's an angel."


Emma then shows Manny a book about pregnancy and shows her a diagram of a little tiny baby. She says that this is how the baby's probably like now. Craig sees the cover with the pregnant lady, and remarks with a grin how he cant imagine Manny getting so big! Manny then talks to Emma about how great and supportive Spike's being, and how she wishes she could trade Emma mothers, because her mom is going to freak out! Then Jack starts to cry and Emma rushes over to him, stressed out. Craig comments, that taking care of a baby must be a piece of cake, and that it's not rocket science or anything. The doorbell rings, so Emma tells Craig that he can take care of the 'piece of cake' while she answers the door. She hands Craig the bottle, and Craig takes it, confused and unsure what to do with it. Then him and Manny go to Jack and try to calm him down.



Outside, Emma answers the door to find.. surprise surprise.. Chris! He's delivering her book, and Emma takes it from him with a flirtatious smile. They make small talk, when they her crying. Emma shows him the baby monitor she brought with her, and they listen with a amusement to Craig and Manny on the other end, trying to take care of Jack, making comments on how big of disasters those two are.


(This is whats going on on the baby monitor)




(Jack cries)

Craig: "Ew! I'm not touching that!"

Manny: "You have to wipe it!"

Craig: "But.. it's!"

Manny: "...You shouldnt hold him like that until his diaper is.."

Craig: "Oh no!... oh nooooo! oh nonononono! oh noo! CRAP!"


 Emma heads back inside, greeted by Manny and Craig with fake smiles telling her it went great, not knowing Emma brought the baby monitor. Craig all this time continues to wipe something off his shirt. Emma then starts to change the baby, trying to show Manny and Craig how, and Manny and Craig stand, looking worried, not making eye contact.


Switch to Liberty, sitting at a computer. She's watching JT lustily, her mouth practically drooling. Sean sits down with library books about their subject, and Liberty's impressed.

He tries to talk to her, but she's ignoring him, watching JT.  Sean snaps her out of her trance, and asks her about it. She doesn't want to talk about it, but Sean comments that he bets she likes JT.. Sean says that he sympathizes with her, that his girlfriend dumped him a week ago for some other guy.  He gives her advice to move on, just like what he's doing.  With a flash of inspiration across Liberty's face, she moves closer to sean to read the book with him.


Craig comes outside with a milk carton, looking for Manny. He sees Spinner sitting at a picnic table. He asks Spin if he's seen Manny, and Spinner says no, but theres an empty seat here. Craig sits down, and Spinner says theres something he's got to tell Craig. Craig leans over ready to listen, and Spinner smacks him on the forehead.


Spinner tells Craig he's being dumb to take on all this responsibility and stuff. He should be partying and traveling, and getting with lots of girls. What happened to spring break in Florida?




Craig: (standing up) "For once, I want to do the right thing, y'know?"

Spinner: "But you dont have to keep the kid. There are other things you can do."

Craig: "This is what I want to do Spin! You don't get it!"

Spinner: "No, I don't. At all."

Craig: "You've got a family alright? But I.. I stay at some guy's house! But.. Manny and the baby! They're..mine! They're for me!"


Cut to Manny arriving at Spike's house. Spike lets Manny in, and Manny says that she couldn't concentrate in school so she came here. Manny asks Spike about being a single mom.. what's it like? Spike tells her that it's like juggling six things at once.. the things are on fire, and your on a bus.. you can't drop a single thing.. and can't do anything else for at least 12 years! Manny looks saddened at the news, so Spike tries to cheer her up with tales of sticky candy-coated kisses, and christmas ornaments made out of toilet-paper rolls. This doesnt cheer Manny up at all.


Manny tells Spike that she wants to get into fashion! She wants to go to Paris or New York and study fashion! This is ruining her plans! She says that she doesn't really want to have the baby, but Craig really does. Spike says that ultimately the decision is yours. Manny finally asks if she doesnt have to do it if she doesnt want to. Spike shakes her head.


Liberty approaches Sean and his friends at the front of the school the next day. She's in all black with a leather jacket and a red 50's-girl scarf around her neck. She looks like someone out of Grease. She goes up to Sean, after being made fun of by JT, and flirts with him.


Then as she leaves she gives him a seductive wink. All of his friends laugh, except for one guy, who looks interested in her. JT gives Sean advice, that Liberty doesnt know subtle. That he has to be brutal with her.

Manny tells her mom reluctantly in their living room about being pregnant.

After a lot of shock, and crying from her mom, and mumblings of things from Manny, they hug.  (Yes, like that picture everyone thought was fake) Manny must be relieved cause her mom wasnt mad at all.


 Liberty bothers Sean again, this time in the lunch room. She comes over to the table where he and his friends are sitting, and brings him a tray of his 'favourites' a banana and a piece of chocolate cake. Sean's friends except for the one who likes her, make fun of Liberty, and Sean gets annoyed and tells Liberty off, saying that they could never be together.


Liberty runs off crushed. Later in the computer lab, Sean confronts Liberty who's crushed and saddened. She feels like no one will ever like her. Sean says that that isnt true, that his friend likes her. His friend's into intelligent girls. Sean points to the clear window, and a guy is smiling at her. Liberty smiles back.


Looks like some sparks!


Manny comes to Emma's house looking for Spike and gets into a conversation with Emma. Manny tells Emma how happy she is that her mom isnt mad.. Emma tells her that it's great.


Manny says that now her mom will even drive Manny to the clinic. Emma is upset. Her and Manny have a mini-argument, Manny insisting that she cant have the baby cause she's not ready for a child, and that its better not living. Emma insists that Manny could have it adopted, but Manny says she doesnt want to go through the pain of labor and the stuff with going to school.


Emma runs off in a huff.


At school, Manny runs into Craig at her locker.




Craig: (trying to hug Manny) "There she is!"

Manny: "Dont Craig."

Craig: "What's the matter?"

Manny: "I can't do this.. I thought I could.. but I can't."

Craig: "Your not making any sense."

Manny: "Someday, you'll make a great dad. And hopefully someday, I'll be a mom, but now.. now isnt someday yet." (Manny starts to walk towards the doors)

Craig: (lunging for her) "NO! No your not! Manny stop. No I won't let you!" (he grabs his arm, trying to stop her from going)

Manny: "No!"

Emma steps in.

Emma: "Craig!"

Craig: "Emma! You butt out! What she's doing is wrong!"

Emma: "I agree with you okay? If she was just some stranger I'd be FURIOUS with her. But she's not! She's my friend.. and it's her choice!"

Craig: "But it's my baby!"

Emma: "And it's Manny's body! What about her?"

(they turn to look at Manny)

Manny: "I just.. I just.. I can't."


Craig runs out the front door.

Manny thanks Emma, and Emma tells Manny that she's her friend and she'll always be there for her.

Later, Manny and her mom are at the abortion clinic. The doctor tells them that there are some side-effect risks involved. . . but only a slight chance. They say its fine. Manny asks if it's going to hurt. The doctor says only a little, like when you have cramps. Manny gets up, but then whispers quietly to the doctor, asking her what's going to happen afterwards. The doctor says that some women cry, and a lot are relieved after the procedure. But she should ONLY go through with it if she's completely ready and sure...


Manny looks off into the distance. 

The Lovely Miss Manuella Santos